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Using web data to clarify fundamental investment questions

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YipitData collects terabytes of public data every day from company websites.
The team distills raw data into critical insights and metrics that clarify key investment narratives for more than 35 companies including Alibaba, Carmax, eBay, Expedia, GrubHub, JD, MercadoLibre, Wayfair, and more.
These datasets are extremely granular, enabling 0-2% accuracy of company reported metrics.
The 81 person team consists of data analysts, engineers, and research analysts from MIT, Bloomberg, Blackstone, and Goldman Sachs, among others.

Unparalleled resources for investors

Offering a comprehensive suite of products to extract the most value out of web data.

Fundamental Research

Robust research offering including deep-dives, sector thematic pieces, ongoing tracking of company metrics, coverage of long-term strategic initiatives, one-time events, and more.

Qualified Datasets & KPIs

Translate hundreds of terabytes of raw company and government data into clean, accurate, and practical outputs that can be aggregated and easily consumed for modeling and analysis.

Data Services & Resources

Leverage system infrastructure and analytics expertise to fulfill deep-dives and granular cuts of data. Also providing valuable data integration and management best practices and resources.

Why web data?

YipitData specializes in the collection and analysis of web data: publicly available information on company and government websites. When aggregated and analyzed correctly, web data can provide significant value to the investment research process given its unique characteristics relative to other datasets.


Sourced at the most fundamental level possible, giving analysts flexibility to produce differentiated analysis and research.


Bias-free information published directly by companies, enabling our analysts to estimate company reported metrics within 0-2%.


Collected and processed in real-time, enabling our team to provide performance insights, data, and analytics within very short periods of time.


Available for thousands of companies, allowing research analysts to extract sector and industry-level trends.

Coverage Summary

Providing weekly and monthly datasets and reports on an expanding portfolio of 7 sectors and over 35 companies.


  • ALGT
  • JBLU


  • AN
  • CPRT
  • GPI
  • KMX


  • BABA
  • Brand Insights: China
  • CTRP
  • IMAX
  • JD
  • VIPS
  • WB
  • ZTO


  • EBAY
  • ETSY
  • GRPN
  • GRUB & UberEats
  • LC & Prosper
  • MELI
  • NFLX
  • PYPL
  • W
  • ZG

LTL Shipping

  • FDX
  • ODFL
  • SAIA
  • UPS
  • XPO
  • YRCW


  • Airbnb & HomeAway
  • EXPE
  • PCLN
  • TRIP


  • Custom

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